About Sharp Game

Cool, Calm, Charismatic!

Mr. Sharp Game, is a dynamic consultant, relationship coach and author who is dedicated to helping men become more attractive to women. After traveling and meeting women for over a decade he decided to pursue his life passion by writing a variety of books.

His books and advice are designed to give men straightforward rules as they pertain to relationships and money without being politically correct. You have been conditioned to believe relationships are based on spontaneity, luck and uncontrollable circumstances with emotions. And nothing can be further from the truth. His work has been time-tested by millions of men achieving massive success!

Your Relationships Will Never Be The Same!

If you are sick of being kicked around, treated like a second class citizen, being rejected by women, and playing life by everyone else’s rules while you smile in public and cry in the dark… then Yours truly can help.

My advice will totally kill all that nice guy-ism out of your brain. And you’ll become a man of steel with a back bone.

And, change the way women treat you (literally) overnight.

Tall words?

Maybe. They say men lie, women lie but numbers don’t. I’ve help thousands upon thousands of men worldwide. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself and become a member of the community today!